WeCom business application

WeCom is an Android app that helps you improve workflows or communication with your business’s customers. It was developed by the creators of WeChat messenger, which is popular in China. That’s why it has a similar interface and set of functions. Accordingly, those users who used this WeChat will surely see many familiar factors. The developers of WeCom have taken care to create an intuitive interface, with which no one has any difficulties.

Organising teamwork in a business company

WeCom is unlike the Findnow app, in which you should sort out the interface and get permissions from the users that this program brings together in one community. You should remember that Findnow was designed to allow its members to track each other’s location after obtaining consent. It’s convenient when parents want to know where their kids are at some point.

So they can find them in large shopping malls or amusement parks or check out where your child is at school or skipping classes. However, our article is about WeCom. This is a very useful program that will surely help you to use all its features so that your business will make great progress and you will get a great income. As a result, you will surely appreciate all the benefits of this useful smartphone program.

WeCom is a mobile program that supports the ability to create a team. You can form it without difficulty as this program will help you add to the chat of all your colleagues using their phone numbers. But they have to install this program on their mobile device. There, even 300 people can be there. Here are some other important aspects you should learn after you do a Wecom download:

  1. Many useful tools are available to users. So you can schedule meetings and notify your colleagues about them and any changes in the schedule. This will allow you to organise large groups of people, save time on alerts and schedule adjustments.
  2. There is also the possibility of creating a video or audio conference with colleagues that can replace your real-life meetings. In today’s world, this is an important feature that allows you to save time and energy or ignore quarantine restrictions.
  3. In addition, users can share files with other users and create an online repository available to certain colleagues. This allows staff to have access to and update important documents at all times.
Android app download
WeChat to WeCom

WeCom helps managers organise processes within the team and pleases customers too. This is also a useful feature of it, but we will not dwell on this point. Next, we will describe the most useful features of this program, which will make it your assistant and a means of modernization of any business.

Customer service

  1. WeCom helps businesses to communicate easily with customers by informing them of important things and getting feedback. This is a useful feature that makes this app so indispensable.
  2. WeCom will give you the opportunity to create several groups that unite certain categories of clients. In addition, you can always contact someone individually. To use these features you need to have their mobile phone numbers. There, communication takes place by WeChat profiles. So you do not have to install any additional applications for them.

Features of WeCom

  1. You can make an Android app download and then use it completely for free.
  2. WeCom was developed by the same studio that donated the WeChat to the world, and both programs have similar interfaces.
  3. This program allows you to easily create commands to perform certain tasks by inviting colleagues.
  4. With WeCom, you can manage your work processes efficiently and participate in conference calls with other users.
  5. Ability to communicate with the company’s customers.