Best TV series about hackers and IT tech in Klede

In recent years, film studios have quite successfully proved that the series can be no less cool, expensive and spectacular than feature films. And this trend continues to gain momentum. Today in the creation of series with huge budgets and interesting ideas, many eminent directors and actors participated, which 10 years ago would not even risk doing this.

Interesting series about IT

The series presented below are in such genres as thriller, fantasy and even comedy. At the same time, they are all professionally directed and will surely delight you by their cast and visual component.

Silicon Valley

It is a great comedy series with a lot of obscene vocabulary about IT professionals who work at Silicon Valley. One of them comes up with the idea of effectively compressing files. Then, under the influence of friends and some big businessmen, he decides to develop his own startup, not sell the idea of a corporation.

During the development of the story the viewer will see how difficult it is to build a successful company, even if the specialist has an idea for a million dollars. All these events unfold under the sparkling humour, which is notable for its relevance. This series will appeal to all fans of fine humour proprammists. «Silicon Valley» is unlikely to appeal to those people who do not like those films, in which the director describes in detail the conditions in which programmers are forced to work and how large corporations from the field of IT technologies function.

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Silicon Valley

Mr. Robot

This is another cult series that deserves the attention of everyone who is interested in how hackers and cybersecurity experts work. The protagonist is an anarchist hacker who joins a major corporation to destroy it from the inside out. Unlike many other hacker movies and TV series, Mr. Robot will certainly please you because it shows people from the field of IT technologies who think and behave exactly as they should.

That is why this series will appeal to those viewers who appreciate the authenticity, strong plot and quality work of the whole group of filmmakers: from the director and screenwriters to cameramen and actors. But we must warn you that the plot of this series is progressing very slowly. This is the reason why many have not loved this creation, but this series is definitely worth your attention, and at the very least you should give it a chance.


To start watching the show, you only need to know that Christopher Nolan’s brother, Jonathan, is directing the creation, and Anthony Hopkins has played one of the lead roles. That’s why you can be sure that this series is quality, expensive and very beautiful.

The plot of this series will tell you about the amusement park in which people realise any of their fantasies. Especially for this, its park organisers populated it with androids that are indistinguishable from the man externally. But the situation changes dramatically when androids suddenly have free will. Then, yesterday’s slaves begin to fight for their freedom. This series is unlikely to appeal to those people who do not like movies about artificial intelligence and androids.

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