Creating a business in the field of software

Corporations that commission development of applications for their professional needs do not see the potential that mobile software has in its field. Typically, they order applications to solve a simple problem. Among them is an increase in sales or saving of customer audience. In addition, there is an unpopular opinion that applications themselves are a ready-made business. We believe that this is a correct opinion. That is why entrepreneurs should take care of building a business on mobile and computer applications that are in search of a promising business idea.

Exactly the mobile applications

Today, web applications and mobile programs have become very popular. Market growth in their development has changed the fate of many people who saw this trend and changed the direction of their business and professional development on time. Mobile applications have become a major component of it. Their ease of operation combined with performance contributes to this. Creating a unique application is a must for any large corporation today.

Any modern business has its own website, but the same requirement applies to the mobile application, which helps the manufacturer to establish direct communication with customers. However, few entrepreneurs manage to achieve efficient business through applications. There are many reasons that lead to this, and if we generalise them, we will see that the general issue is that entrepreneurs do not make an effort in those factors where it is most needed.

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Useful statistics

You can better understand the trends that are developing in the field of mobile applications if you look at the statistics that we show you. Here are some interesting factors that the German agency Statista found:

  1. In 2016, more than 60% of corporations that released their own applications set specific financial targets for them. Thus, while previously mobile apps were produced primarily for interest, since 2016, more than half of software owners worldwide for mobile knew exactly how much they wanted to earn through them.
  2. In the period 2014-2016, the increase in corporate demand for the creation of mobile applications was 10%. This dynamic continues to grow since then.
  3. In 2017, an observation appeared that the average user spends an average of four hours on a smartphone every day.
  4. And here is the most interesting fact. Experts predict that by the end of 2022, the number of APK for Android and iOS downloads will be 178 billion. By 2023, it could rise to 250 billion.

Moreover, the variety of mobile software becomes wider and wider every day. Today, many smartphone programs can solve any household and professional problem. Thus Necrophonic app free Android serves so that people can at any moment enjoy the sound of mystical music and melodies. Also, there is the Apne TV app. Users who like to watch Indian movies in Hindi, can use this program to benefit.


So you should not doubt that the field of mobile software is an industry that generates many billions of money. Every entrepreneur should think today about joining this manufacturing sector since there is a wrong view that most concepts have already become a reality.

We advise you to take care of creating a decent mobile program for your business. This will help you test the viability of your business idea. The result of this can be quite attractive, and it will help you to act professionally and without doubt. You can make a high profit even if you have only one successful application that will pay off all your previous expenses.