New business ideas in 2022

You can find many ideas for creating your business online, but most of the new businesses are focused on remote collaboration, process automation and customer focus. In this article, we describe the simplest and most interesting of them.

New business ideas related to additional reality

Today, many enterprises switch to remote work. At the same time, buyers are not ready to buy a «cat in a bag». You can imagine what your product really looks like with augmented reality. Such technologies are used for different purposes:

  • for sale of interior parts;
  • for landscape design;
  • for virtual purchases of clothes, jewellery;
  • to select a tattoo.

You can make money if you create a suitable mobile app. So, you can rent your virtual studio augmented reality or even sell partner products with the help of it. You can also earn money by organising digital events such as webinars or live streaming.

Career coaching

Such a specialist helps businessmen to understand what kind of activity best suits the client, and also tells the secrets of a successful interview so that you can get a profitable position. This new kind of business will be in demand in the labour market as we live in an era of stress today. As a rule, a coach cooperates with large recruitment agencies and can receive additional fees from headhunters. He finds clients on social networks or thematic platforms. You will be able to get group training that will help you attract a larger audience by reducing the cost of your services.

Career coaching

Web testing

Many large digital brands, such as small start-ups, began to hire non-specialists to test their products. After such a procedure, they have an objective assessment of the potential buyer and real reviews on the sites. Sometimes, this helps them identify problems that the developers have not been able to detect. The essence of this new business idea is that you can assemble freelance testers from among the non-professionals and open your website verification agency. You have to negotiate with the creators of digital projects and receive money in this process. Also, you will pay royalties to your employees and leave the percentage to you personally.

Virtual studio training

Thanks to augmented reality, you can teach your customers anything, such as foreign language or national dances. In addition, there is no limit on the number of students you can enrol in your “study room”. The only thing you will need is suitable equipment in the form of computers and high-speed Internet. Moreover, you will be able to earn not only in the classroom, but also on advertising, as well as receive donations for streams. You can also work with offline schools. Among them are music, choreography and art — you can give their students access to your content for a fee.

Organisation of drone races and repair

Many people have drones, but some citizens have started using them for indoor sports. Experts believe that the race on drones will soon become a multimillion-dollar sport. If you have a suitable indoor space where you could let people practice their piloting skills or race, you should definitely think about how you might try this business.

You can earn extra income by posting videos online after using this drone or after repairing damaged contestants. All these business ideas are not new, but these fields have few competitors within. So, you can transform the idea and invent something unique and amazing that will give you a high income and will be to your liking.