Best small business franchises

If you buy a rating franchise, it will be much easier to start your business from scratch. This option will give you hope that experienced representatives of the trading brand will help you since it has popularity among buyers. Successful project owners guarantee a quick return on reasonable investments. In this article, we will tell you about which franchises for small business you should pay attention to 2022. We will also describe the five best practices for doing so.

Private boarding houses

Care for the elderly is a socially important and sought after business that has become important in the 21st century. The franchiser helps the businessman train the staff and interact with the state.

Here are some of the strengths of such projects:

  1. No license. Boarding houses do not provide medical services, only care, comfortable accommodation and entertainment.
  2. Quick project stratum. Starts 1.5 months after signing the contract.
  3. Free market. Supply across the country covers only 15% of existing demand.

State-run nursing homes do not meet the high demand. This is why you should not be afraid of the fact that you will have few customers with a proper marketing franchise. The services of boarding houses are in demand regardless of the crisis as the demand for them is not decreasing, but growing. Socially oriented business is supported at the state level, so that the entrepreneur can count on timely grants and payments under state programs.

Certification centre

Franchisers have a stable flow of customers. Enterprises provide assistance in certification of services and goods. We believe that the business franchise is one of the cheapest projects in which you will have to pay only lump-sum payment.

There are some advantages of this model, because it:

  • is suitable for people without experience;
  • does not require start-up capital and royalties;
  • pays off quickly.

Three months is a fairly short period for a payback product, which can accelerate the withdrawal of franchisees to stable earnings and reduce the risks of your business. Minimal deposits at the start make this project available to most users. Also, they reduce financial losses in case of failure. However, due to the specifics of such a project, you will probably have to invest additional funds in marketing.


Coddy programming school

You can become a member of a team of 218 branded schools. Such investments will pay off in one year. The programming direction for children is very popular today. It increases the franchisee’s chances of a stable flow of customers. Unique training programs increase the competitiveness of your business, and lump-sum payment reaches large sizes in this scenario.


Many brands offer newcomers to open a retail store for the sale of cosmetics to earn at least $2.500 of net profit, the payback of which will be only six months. Franchisers guarantee quality, customised logistics and uninterrupted delivery. Your main task is to bypass your competitors, such as major brands.

Franchise business in electrical engineering

Once you become a factory supplier, you will be able to open a shop for cable and electrical products and become a partner on favorable terms. There is no lump-sum payment and royalty. Your trading point will pay off all investments in four months. All these factors demonstrate the stability and effectiveness of the concept.

The most important factors for franchisees are potential income and comprehensive support. We advise you to use our list of franchises for small businesses, and then, you will be able to appreciate the profitable destinations of it. The most reliable options will allow a budding businessman to earn without risk and with a reasonable investment.